IPAS is a system designed to reduce the risk of collision at your workplace. It’s an effective way of preventing accidents between pedestrians and industrial vehicles.


Why It’s Worth Investing in This Alert System?

Discover its main benefits:

  • Safety – thanks to its reliability and precision, IPAS ensures safety of all team members around.
  • Convenience – the devices are small, handy and easy to install. Their implementation does not affect daily work in any way.
  • Flexibility – it can be installed on any number of helmets, belts, lanyards, and vehicles making it possible to protect as many employees as needed at the same time.
  • Precision – the top-of-the-range manufacturing ensures high reliability and accuracy of the system which easily outperforms competitive solutions.


How Does It Work?

The system consists of sensors mounted on vehicles, machines, and on team members clothing (helmets, lanyards, belts etc.). Thanks to the cutting-edge RF technology the devices can communicate with each other and precisely measure the distance between them in real-time.

The Possible Variants:

  • Forklift to Forklift communication – responsible for preventing accidents between forklifts
  • Forklift to Pedestrian communication – responsible for detecting tags that belong to pedestrians only
  • Zone warning – responsible for safety on intersections, crossings and other key and high-risk spots.

All these variants create a system that alerts both pedestrians and forklift drivers any time they’re close to each other, effectively preventing the collision.

For Pedestrians:

Thanks to the system, pedestrian employees can rest assured they’ll be alerted just in time to avoid the danger, what highly increases their level of comfort and security in the workplace.

For Drivers:

Forklift and other machine operators receive a highly increased work comfort too. If at any time a pedestrian appears close to the forklift, the system will immediately warn the driver, helping him avoid the pedestrian and thus, a collision.

System Specifications:

The system boasts a standard „Forklift to Pedestrian” sensing range of up to 10 meters which can be increased up to 30 meters.

At the same time, the distance is measured to the nearest 10 cm, what’s especially beneficial in crowded areas.

On top of that, thanks to advanced self-adaptive sensors, the system adapts both to the vehicle speed as well as to its direction.

Each IPAS is also equipped with three programmable warnings which can be set to use a sound, LED or vibrating alarm.


Warning Systems for Pedestrians. What’s Their Advantage over Other Solutions in the Market?

The critical benefits of the use of the IPAS system to alert pedestrians are its ease of use and flexibility which make personalizing its configuration to company’s requirements very straightforward. Depending on the needs and priorities, the system can be set so that the forklifts detect each other, reducing (or even completely eliminating) any forklift collisions. Similarly, the sensors can be set to warn about approaching pedestrians, preventing dangerous accidents.

On top of the basic settings, the system includes the so-called zone alerts which work similarly to traffic lights with built-in movement sensor (the alarm is triggered any time a vehicle or pedestrian enter a selected area).

Moreover, the system offers three different security levels what ensures both pedestrians and forklift operators are warned on time. The alerts can be set to use visual (using light), sound (audio) or vibration signals what makes them a lot safer compared to other similar systems.