A projector mounted directly on the forklift is a revolutionary way of protecting your employees and increasing security at your company.

Thanks to the innovative LED lights technology, the projection is easily visible and immediately grabs the attention of workers nearby, what helps reduce the number (as well as the risk) of accidents caused by the constantly moving forklifts. It could be described as a portable, electronic traffic sign – which can be mounted and used anywhere, and any time you need them.


How Do Forklift Projectors Work?

The implementation and the use of forklift projectors is very simple – just follow the below steps:

First, mount the projector on a forklift of your choice. The device gets installed at the back of the forklift what ensures that it’s used to improve safety during a reverse maneuver, which is the most difficult, demanding and dangerous maneuver for a forklift.

The second step is to start using the new system every day – no exceptions. The device gets activated any time the forklift is operating. By projecting the right warning sign on the floor, it warns other vehicles and employees about potential danger.


Discover its most important benefits:

  • Absolute Safety – one of the biggest qualities of this projector is its projection capabilities. Instead of traditional, single-color signals, its projection looks like a real-life traffic sign. This, in turn, significantly increases the chance that both the drivers, as well as the pedestrians nearby, notice it, effectively warning everyone around about the danger.
  • The Convenience of Plug-and-Play – the projector doesn’t require any complicated installation or changes to the in-house infrastructure. All that’s needed for it to do the job it’s been designed for (protecting your employees and reducing the number of accidents) is to connect it to a selected forklift.
  • Savings – there’s no denying that the increase of safety in a workplace brings a lot more benefits than just the two most important ones – protecting the health and life of employees, and preventing industrial equipment from getting damaged. Thanks to a forklift warning projector, you’ll save significant amounts of money which would otherwise have to be spent on covering losses and paying compensations for accidents and other damages caused by forklifts.


What’s the Best Use for Forklift Projectors?

Safety projectors are an excellent investment for any workplace where forklifts are in use – be it warehouses, production floors, or manufacturing plants.

Projectors are a must anywhere there are either just forklifts or both forklifts and employees on foot working together.

Thanks to the warning signs projected by the forklift projectors, everyone around gets informed about an incoming forklift in time to get out of the way:

The job of a forklift operator becomes more comfortable. He doesn’t have to worry about people suddenly jumping behind the forklift while reversing.

Employees on foot get an increased sense of security. Thanks to forklift projectors, employees know that they’ll be warned by a projected sign any time there’s a forklift approaching.



  • Power: 20W
  • Voltage: 9-80 VDC
  • Chip: Cree
  • Lumens: 2000lm
  • IP65
  • Housing: Aluminium
  • Projection distance: 5-8m
  • Angle: 20°
  • Warranty: 12 months