Why Our Products Will Help You Increase Workplace Safety?

DNT Safety Zone – Distributor of high-quality safety technology dedicated to factories and warehouses.

We’re an international distributor of safety products for companies operating in a variety of different industries. Our offer includes top-quality warning lights (LED, Arrows, Lasers, Beacons and other), as well as advanced collision avoidance and safety warning systems accompanied by sound and visual alarms (lights and lasers). Everything selected to help you improve the safety of your warehouse or factory team. Our products are designed to provide those who work with forklifts and other heavy-duty vehicles with a top level of security and comfort. This makes them an excellent choice for all manufacturing, logistics and shipping companies.


Discover more about DNT - the company that supplies businesses with high-grade safety products for forklifts and other vehicles. 

Our company was established in 1996. In the beginning, we specialized in electronic weight systems. Years of work, engagement and ongoing improvement of our qualifications and skills have allowed us to expand our range of products. 

Forklift safety systems that we offer include IPAS (Intelligent Proximity Alert System based on ultra-wideband frequency signal); ANDON (wireless alert system); SPEED ZONE (forklift speed zoning system); SIS (active collision avoidance system); PALTOWER (management, storage and distribution of empty pallets).

We’re headquartered in Katowice and thanks to partnerships with many different companies we are able to offer top-notch service to customers all over Poland.


Phone: +48 506 250 784
Email: office@dnt.com.pl

Przemysłowa 10
40-020 Katowice