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This alert system is designed for use anywhere that pedestrians and forklifts, as well as other industrial vehicles, cross their paths. The goal of the system is to prevent collisions by warning everyone coming near a blind corner spot of pedestrians and vehicles approaching on the other side.


Why the Blind Corner Spot Collision Warning System Is a Must-Have for Your Business?

Discover Three of Its Critical Benefits:

  • Safety – the system is responsible for alerting pedestrians and forklift drivers of the coming danger fast and effectively. People moving around the warehouse or plant are informed about the risk of the collision early enough to have the time to react and prevent it.
  • Savings – the device doesn’t require any complicated installation using specialized tools or qualified professionals. Thanks to that, users save a lot of time and money on its deployment – not to mention the money saved on prevented accidents and collisions.
  • Adaptability – the system can be set up at any intersection in the workplace. Thanks to multiple installation options (using a magnet, hook or screws) it can be installed on warehouse racks, columns, poles, as well as on the wall.


How Does This System Work?

Both the installation, as well as the later use are very straightforward and intuitive. Simply locate the detector at the intersection of two routes that you want to secure – just make sure it’s set at the right angle. Preferably, you can install it on the a rack or another tall structure. That way, it can monitor both paths. Anytime there are either pedestrians or vehicles approaching from both sides, the system will start flashing a bright red light, which is impossible to miss, effectively warning everyone involved and preventing the accident.

Naturally, when there is someone approaching only from one end, the system won’t work. It gets activated only when there are pedestrians or vehicles coming from both sides of the intersection what sets off both of its sensors.

Note: The device is also equipped with an audio alarm which can be regulated. It can reinforce its effectiveness, making it an even better form of accident prevention.


Convenient Installation Options:

The deployment process is designed to fit the conditions of different industrial environments. It can be installed using:

  • A magnet – just attach it to a metal wall or rack. The magnets are very strong and there’s no risk of the elements of the system detaching on their own. If you are still unsure whether it’s enough, you can reinforce the setup using special hooks.
  • Screws – just use screws to fix the system where it’s needed the most.


Warehouse Warning System Specifications:

The system can detect movement from up to around 6 – 9 m., giving everyone involved enough time to prevent the collision.

The device is equipped with two forms of alarm – a visual one (a bright flashing red light) and sound (a loud audio warning).

The set, which includes a fully functioning device, comes with all the elements necessary to install it (powerful magnets, hooks, and screws).

On top of that, the warning system has a built-in battery which lasts up to 3 – 4 years (depending on the usage). The battery is interchangeable and once it is empty, it can be easily changed to a new one, available at most general stores.

What’s the Best Spot to Use the System?

The system can be used in any company where there are intersecting and busy pathways. It not only increases the security of both people and vehicles but also increases the speed at which they can move around, knowing that there is a system taking care of their safety in place. This also helps reduce unnecessary stops and stress.

Thanks to its easy removability, it can be installed and moved to another place easily. This makes experimenting with it or deploying it anywhere you need it the most very straightforward and fast.