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Cy.Guard is a system designed to minimize the risk of collision between two vehicles in warehouses, factories and other buildings/areas in which forklifts are used. In fact, it’s a perfect choice for all heavy-traffic areas at any company.


How an Anti-Collision System Will Benefit Your Business?

Discover all of its benefits:

  • Safety – the system is created with one goal – to prevent collisions in a workplace. The use of it can significantly reduce the risk of all unwanted incidents, both those involving people as well as machines.
  • Ease-of-use – the deployment of the system is very straightforward and its use shouldn’t cause any problems.
  • Flexibility – Thanks to its freedom of configuration, its easy to adjust the system to monitor larger areas, making it a perfect choice for companies of all sizes. It is possible to connect up to four sensors and four lights (with a range of up to 20m) to one control panel.


How Does the System Work?

Cy.Guard consists of a sensor, visual alarm, sound alarm and one control panel which can be installed and connected together making it easy to control everything from one place.

The sensors are then mounted in all places where there’s a high risk of collisions. Any time a pedestrian or a vehicle is getting close to such a designated spot the sensor will detect the movement. This, in turn, will trigger the alarm (either sound or visual) warning others around.

The system can be configured in a two ways. It can be set to detect just the forklifts or both forklifts and people after the system sensitivity settings are changed.


For Pedestrians:

Pedestrians get the comfort of working in a safe environment. Any time a forklift or other vehicle is getting close, they receive a prompt warning and can stay focused on their work.

For Drivers:

By setting the warning lights in all the most important places (on the wall, at the crossroads), machine operators and forklift drivers can rest assured that in case of any danger they’ll be alerted in time to react.


System Specifications:

The deployment of the system at your company requires little work – all you need to do is mount the sensors where you want them to be (for example, on the wall of a warehouse). The system doesn’t require any vehicles to have any extra sensors and pedestrians and other people don’t need to wear any security tags.

Cy.Guard can be adjusted to individual needs of its user making it easy to configure system responses to any scenario. For example, flashlights can be set to activate on crossroads while the doors can be set to lock if there’s a forklift moving behind them.

On top of that, the whole system can be expanded – each control panel can use as many as four sensors at the same time.