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RVM is a system that consists of special cameras designed for all forklifts and other industrial vehicles. By implementing it at your company, you can provide forklift drivers with more control over the situation around them (they’ll be able to see what’s going on behind the vehicle). Thanks to that, you can increase their efficiency and increase the safety for all employees around.


Why You Should Install Collision Avoidance Cameras at Your Company?

Discover their most significant benefits:

  • Convenience – by implementing the monitoring system, you can highly increase the comfort of work especially for all industrial vehicle operators and skyrocket their productivity and efficiency. Instead of trying to control everything on their own while constantly worrying about pedestrians around the vehicle, your employees can entirely focus on doing a good job.
  • Safety – thanks to a clear screen and an excellent camera the system ensures work safety for both drivers and pedestrians. This is because the camera allows the vehicle operator to react almost instantly in case of any dangerous situation, preventing the collision.
  • Savings – The implementation of the RMV monitoring system helps increase work comfort and safety. Thanks to the system, there are a lot fewer accidents involving both people, vehicles, and cargo. This, in turn, results in huge savings for the whole company. 


How Does the Camera Work?

Forklift camera is an excellent tool for every-day work that will be welcomed by all forklift operators at your company.

The screen is installed directly inside the vehicle while a handy camera – on the back of it. This allows the operator to see everything that’s happening behind the vehicle – far outside the driver’s field of vision.

The main goal of the device is to eliminate the so-called vehicle blind spot that cannot be directly observed by the driver under normal driving conditions.

For Pedestrians

All employees who have to work close to the operating forklifts on a daily basis will appreciate the increased safety of their work environment. Thanks to the handy screen, the vehicle operator can easily see what’s behind him and can quickly react to any dangerous situations.

For Drivers:

The use of the forklift camera system makes the job of all industrial vehicle operators easier. They get an additional “pair of eyes”, which allows them to see what has been impossible for them to watch while driving. This, in turn, makes their work not only a lot safer but also significantly more comfortable.


The camera comes in three different variations:

  1. A classic version installed using a cable

A traditional version which supports forklift drivers in performing a reverse maneuver. The use of quality cables guarantees reliability.

  1. A wireless camera which connects over Wi-Fi

A more advanced device in which cable connection is substituted with Wi-Fi. Thanks to that, the camera can be easily mounted on any vehicle.

  1. A device mounted directly on the forklift fork

This camera is an exceptional tool supporting the work of forklift operators. It helps speed up the loading and unloading process and makes them much more precise and safer. Its universal and shock-resistant construction allows the camera to be installed on almost any forklift out there.

  1. 360 Surround view monitoring system

Monitoring system composed of four ultra-wide angle fisheye cameras mounted on the front, rear, left and right sides of the vehicle. At the same time, images of the surrounding area of the vehicle are collected and converted into a uniform view of the vehicle



The system consists of 3 elements:

  • 7-inch monitor with adjustable contrasts, brightness and mirror reflection.
  • 120 ° view angle camera, which can be easily mounted on the vehicle.
  • All cables and connectors necessary to mount the system correctly