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The mobile call out system is a comprehensive tool supporting the functioning of your company, designed for quick and trouble-free communication of employees, from anywhere in the workplace.

It is an excellent solution for problems related to production downtime, minimizing delays resulting from long information flow, as well as those related to quality control – improving it with various reports.

If your company breaks down a machine or simply runs out of materials – just one click is enough to inform the responible people about it.

The mobile call out system will work both in a large production company and in warehouses.



Why is the forklift call out system suitable for your facility?

Find out about its key features:

  • Convenience – the tablet with the installed system can be located both at the production line and directly on the forklift. With one click, it allows you to send appropriate notifications via SMS, e-mail, application or display them directly on the device, depending on your specific needs.
  • Communication – a mobile call out system improves the flow of information and the response time of the services. Regardless of the selected medium, it immediately informs the appropriate persons, among others about machine breakdowns, downtime or quality problems.
  • Flexibility – the possibility of uploading the system to tablets, smartphones and even smartwatches means that it can be used not only by production or warehouse employees, but also by management, who additionally have the ability to generate reports and view the production status in real time.
  • Safety – the device has IP68 housing, so it can be used even in harsh conditions. Additional holders allow for safe and stable installation of the tablet at the workplace.
  • Savings – thanks to detailed reports, it enables optimization of production and logistics processes in your company. This allows you to save both time and expenses resulting from the delays so far.


Mobile ANDON system can be used in many areas of your company:

It is a versatile tool whose functions can be easily adapted to the current needs of your company. It works perfectly in such areas of the company as logistics, production and quality control.

Check examples of situations in which our mobile andon system works best:

Logistics – when there is no empty pallet on the production line, the system will quickly send a signal to the forklift operator to deliver it to the right place. After installing special sensors, the system can also automatically inform the forklift operator that pallet with the product is ready for collection or inform in advance about the need to deliver the raw material that is running out.

Production and maintenance – the system helps to react quickly in the event that one of the machines fails, immediately informing the appropriate services about the need for repair. If there is no reaction, the system can send a notification to another person.

Quality control – allows for accurate reporting of the response time to the notification, problem resolution, as well as data related to a specific employee. Thanks to daily and periodic reports, it enables the identification of problems in the process.