TXS – Zonal speed limit

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TXS is a system used to limit the speed of forklift vehicles in all areas where traditional speed control methods are not enough. It’s a perfect choice for all high collision risk areas – crossroads with poor visibility, loading platforms, warehouses, as well as all areas where pedestrians work close to the vehicles.


Why a Speed Control System Is a Good Investment for Your Company?

Discover its benefits:

  • Safety – the system prevents vehicles from exceeding the speed limit in all areas where the risk of collisions is unusually high. This helps protect both pedestrians and the transported load.
  • Simplicity – the installation and configuration of the system are very straightforward and the system itself is very easy to use.
  • Flexibility – The freedom of configuration means the system can be easily adjusted to the specific needs of the work environment in any company.


How Does It Work?

To control the speed, special infrared or UWB receivers that are mounted on each vehicle communicate with transmitter. The transmitters can be installed close to all critical points – doors, gates or at the borders of specially designated safety areas.

If the vehicle entering the speed-limit zone exceeds the limit the system will automatically slow it down to the allowed speed. The speed lock is removed only once the forklift leaves the limited area.

For Pedestrians:

The system creates a safe working environment for pedestrians who know that no vehicle can rush into the zone while exceeding the allowed speed limit.

For Drivers:

TXS zonal speed limit is an effective way of preventing careless and restless drivers from developing high speeds, what has a positive influence on the safety of the whole business.


System Specifications:

The installation of the receivers is very straightforward and does not require any significant changes in the structure of the vehicle.

The devices are adapted to both indoor and outdoor use ensuring the same security levels regardless of the location. It’s an excellent choice for all warehouses, industrial facilities, and even open areas.

The system is powered directly by the forklift what guarantees uninterrupted operation and does not require any expensive batteries or other standby power supplies.

It’s critical to remember that TXS is a support system and it’s the driver who remains in charge of the speed of the vehicle and should still control and adjust it to all external conditions.


Why You Should Choose TXS for Your Company?

All warehouses, halls, and manufacturing facilities have areas where the speed of forklifts and other vehicles should be limited. There are multiple reasons for that – the primary one being the safety of employees, vehicles and carried load.

Simple warning systems (both signs or devices) are often not enough to ensure safety. Drivers either knowingly ignore the danger or fail to notice it, exceed the safe speed limits and cause many dangerous incidents.

Helping you prevent all the speed-related accidents is the main reason why we created The TXS system. It’s your company’s guard, designed to slow down all vehicles that exceed safe speed limits. When installed in all critical spots with an increased risk of accidents it effectively limits their number helping ensure the safety of your employees.