Mobile and Forklift Weighing Scales

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Forklift weighing scales are developed to help increase the efficiency of your employees. By using them, they can do more than just transport the load – they can weigh it during the process. This has a huge impact not just on their performance, but also on the real cost of their job, considering all the time saved thanks to reducing the amount of work that they need to do.


How Does a Forklift Scale Work?

Both the implementation and use of a forklift weighing system is profoundly easy – just choose the forklift that you want to mount the scale on. Our scales can be mounted on standard forklifts, as well as high-stacking forklifts, forklift picker trucks, as well as manual (and electric) picker trucks. Once they’re mounted, you’re all set and your employees can start using them. Weighing takes places immediately after loading the goods, and the scale can also be used during the transport itself.



Why Mobile and Forklift Scales Are an Excellent Choice for Your Company?

Discover their main benefits:

  • Convenience – you don’t have to buy standard industrial weighing scales. Forklift scales can easily be mounted on standard forklifts, high-stacking forklifts, forklift picker trucks, as well as electric and manual pallet trucks. This saves both the space in the warehouse, as well as the money – you don’t have to spend it on traditional industrial scales.
  • Efficiency – thanks to the scale mounted on the forklift, the weighing process is now instant, and the load can be weighed during the transport. This means that you’ll save lots of time which previously your employees were forced to spend on unloading, weighing the load, and then loading the forklift again.
  • Eliminating Mistakes – because the load is now weighed in real-time, every employee can control its weight whenever necessary. This helps discover any load missing or prevent forklift overload.
  • Savings – by implementing forklift scales, you get extra space in the warehouse, eliminate numerous tasks that your employees were otherwise forced to perform, and have a real impact on the speed and efficiency of load transport at your company. All that generates significant savings, which you can reinvest to grow your business even faster.
What Scales Will Benefit You Most?

To help you find one that’ll suit your business needs the most, we offer three different types of mobile scales.

  • Forklift mobile scales – these allow you to weigh the load in real-time and control its weight and stability during transport. Even more importantly, such systems ensure the safety of both the forklift operator and those around him. We offer three different types of those systems:
  • Forks with integrated weighing systems – those are mounted directly on the forklift. Accuracy error less than 0.1%.
  • Hydraulic scales – accuracy error less than 0.2% – 1.2%.
  • Pallet jacks with scales – classic solution, allowing safe transport and weighing of small loads. They work just like traditional pallet trucks, but come with precise scales (accuracy error below 100 grams). Thanks to powerful batteries, their weighing systems can work for up to 80 hours. A mix that has a real, measurable impact on work efficiency in warehouses, stores, and industrial plants.
  • Scales for electric pallet trucks – mounted on electric pallet jacks that you already own. A handy solution that’ll save you both money and time – you don’t have to buy a new pallet jack with a scale, and your employees can reduce the number of tasks they’re forced to perform.


Where Do Those Systems Work Best?

Mobile scales are an excellent solution for those entrepreneurs who value their time and money, as well as those who want to increase the efficiency, and, as a result, competitiveness of their company.

By introducing mobile weighing systems for forklifts, pallet jacks, and other transport machines, you get:

  • Significantly more space (they’re mounted directly on the forklifts and pallet jacks, which means that they don’t take any extra space in the warehouse).
  • Higher employee efficiency (they allow weighing during the transport, which means there’s no need to unload and then load the goods again on the forklift).
  • Big financial savings (by saving both space and time, you can better allocate those resources to other important operations).

A mobile scale pays for itself in as little as 3 months of regular use!