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Automated pallet stacker is a technology developed for companies which have to deal with the problem of storing empty pallets. It’s designed to help segregate and stack pallets in one place (and does so fully automatically) so that they don’t take that much precious space.

Paltower is one of the favorite tools of warehouse employees and managers


Why an Automated Pallet Storage Is a Perfect Choice for Your Company?

Discover its benefits:

  • Safety – the tool eliminates the need for moving the pallets manually, what reduces the risk of injuries (back, hand, feet injuries, etc.). Thanks to that the working environment becomes a lot safer.
  • Efficiency – the use of it highly increases the quality and speed of work in the facility. On one hand, it saves a lot of space which can be used in a more effective way. On the other one, it frees up a lot of time which employees can use to work on other things. Moreover, it reduces the amount of work that would have to be done by forklifts and their operators.
  • Savings – Less work equals the reduced risk of damaging the pallets. Furthermore, the device helps to reduce the cost of damaged goods.


How Does an Automated Pallet Storage Works?

The use of it is very simple and straightforward – mostly because the majority of tasks are automated (and are executed right after the pallet or forklift get detected). The cherry on top is a convenient control panel which you can use to choose the work mode – loading or unloading. The machine is equipped with special covers responsible for stacking the pallets evenly together and securing them from falling out.

The operation of the device can be described in three easy steps:

  1. Get a forklift with a pallet close to the device
  2. By using a special sensor Paltower will detect the pallet and start the loading mechanism (electric or pneumatic)
  3. Next, it will automatically put it on top of other evenly stacked pallets.


You can choose between three different versions of the product:

  1. Pallet Stacker for 15 to 30 Pallets (Paltower 15)

Perfect for warehouses and small factories that need a way to efficiently manage a small number of palettes. It helps keep the working area in order and increases employee safety.

  1. Pallet Stacker up to 50 Pallets (Paltower 50)

A great choice for companies that have a bigger number of pallets that need to be stored efficiently. It helps keep the area in order and reduce the space taken by the pallets, which can be used for other businesses activity. On top of that, thanks to Paltower 50 the workplace becomes a much safer place.

  1. Pallet Stacker for a Production Line (Paltower line)

Excellent for those who need to maximize the effectiveness of their pallet management, especially if there’s a significant number of pallets in use.

Caution! This model works differently than the other two. That’s because it’s installed directly on the production line, from which the pallets can then be loaded (or delivered to) for further transport.


Pallet Storage Specifications:

Paltower is turned into motion by linear actuators which require a standard 230V power supply to operate.

Depending on the configuration, it can hold pallets of different sizes – 800 x 1200 mm or 1000 x 1200 mm. This results in storage capacity of 15 up to as many as 50 pallets and a load of 260 – 1000 kg).

Paltower is a perfect choice for warehouses, manufacturing plants, big stores or wholesaler’s – basically any place where you need to manage pallets effectively.