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RVM&UPD is an active maneuvering system designed with forklifts and other industrial vehicles in mind. Its job is to monitor the area around the vehicle, detect obstacles and, as a result, help prevent collisions and accidents.


Why the RVM & UPD Is a Worthy Investment for Your Company?

Discover its benefits:

  • User-Friendly – by using predefined colors and audio signal the system warns its user about any situation that could pose an immediate danger. It’s responsible for slowing down the forklift, helping decrease the risk of collision.
  • Convenience – the deployment of the system is very straightforward. And the small dimensions of the device itself together with its clear display make it very convenient for everyday use.
  • Reliability – the device is highly durable and can be used for years without service.
  • Safety – thanks to its monitoring capabilities and two different types of alarms the system offers almost complete protection. In the event of any danger, it alerts its users (using light and audio signals) and gives them the option to verify the alarm using the camera and a convenient screen.


How Does the System Work?

The monitoring and collision preventing system has two basic functions. On one hand, thanks to the camera and the screen, the driver has the opportunity to check if there’s no unwanted object behind the forklift (all that in real time). On the other hand, its equipped with sensors that help avoid the danger even if the operator didn’t see anything on the screen.

This Is a So-Called Two-Step Safety System:

  • Monitoring (a camera on the back of the vehicle and a display in sight of the driver) responsible for prevention. It gives the ability to check what happens with the forklift and, as a result, prevent the collision.
  • Alarm (a sensor on the back of the forklift) which is activated should the driver miss the danger on the screen. It uses light and audio signals to alert the driver giving him time to maneuver and avoid the danger.

For Pedestrians:

The system ensures the safety of their workplace. The operator of an approaching forklift will always know about their presence (he’ll see them thanks to the camera) or, if he fails to do so, the alarm triggered by the sensors will warn him.

For Drivers:

Drivers get double the comfort. First, they can use the camera to monitor their workplace – the area around the forklift. On top of that they can be sure that if they miss anything, the sensor will fire the alarm which in turn will alert them about the danger.



The system consists of four items (a camera, display, sensor, and an alarm indicator), which can work separately (the camera with the monitor and the sensor with the indicator).

The whole system can work in temperatures from -40°C all the way to 85°C what makes it an excellent pick even for work in adverse weather conditions.

The sensor has a range of up to 4 meters and the camera boasts an impressive 120-degree field of view, making it possible to see everything behind the forklift.

The whole set is very handy and, thanks to its small dimensions, can be deployed and used almost effortlessly.

The display and the camera, apart from ensuring security, can play another crucial role. Thanks to the high-quality of the recording, it can be used on a daily basis to help drivers maneuver the forklift/reverse it.

The design of the system and its small size make it easy to mount it in the cabin without the need for any substantial changes to the interior.