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The Safety Door Handle has been designed to minimize the number of accidents of pedestrians passing by or approaching the door, that can be opened at any time. This is an alternative solution for the sign CAUTION – DOOR SWING AREA, that is placed on the floor.

The approaching pedestrian is informed about the danger by strong LED light displayed on the door, close to the handle, at the moment when the person on the other side of the door presses or touches the handle in order to open the door.


Why use the Safety Door Handle ?

Get to know main advantages of this solution:

  • Safety – minimizes the risk of hitting pedestrians on the other side of the door
  • Convenience – the assembly and way of usage is intuitive and simple. The device does not require servicing, apart from replacing the battery from time to time
  • Reliability – signaling about the impending threat is clear and does not require any additional checks


How does it work?

SAFETY HANDLE works as any other door handle, additionally warning the pedestrian on the other side of the door about the impending danger. Once the handle is pressed the light warning signal is displayed around the handle on the other side of the door, informing that the door will soon be opened.

The Safety Door Handle solution gives the possibility of reaction and prevention of the accident. Thanks to the light signal pedestrian can steer clear of the door.

In order to clean the handle you need to use a soft, dry cloth. You should not use any chemicals preprations.




  • Handle with built-in warning device
  • The installation replaces the existing standard door handle
  • It has a battery life of about 18 months
  • It also works through clothes
  • Stainless steel version