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SIS-MINI 1.0 is an active maneuvering system for forklifts and other heavy-duty and industrial vehicles. It’s responsible for detecting any obstacles that could appear in the forklift work area.


Why You Should Install the SIS Mini Collision Avoidance System at Your Business?

Learn more about all of its benefits:

  • User-Friendly – it uses color-coded signals and an audio alarm to alert about any immediate danger. On top of that, the system is set to slow down and stop the forklift automatically what helps reduce the risk of collision.
  • Convenience – its installation is very simple and thanks to its small size, it’s very practical and doesn’t affect the daily work in any way.
  • Reliability – the device is highly durable and can be used continuously for years
  • Safety – thanks to two different types of alarms, the system offers double the security. In the event of a dangerous situation, the system will use both the sound and the lights to warn about the danger.


How Does This System Work?

SIS-MINI 1.0 activates in two critical situations: reverse maneuvering and load lifting.

The system is mounted directly on the forklift (or another vehicle – depending on your needs). Each time a risk of collision gets detected it triggers two security levels.

The first one is an audio and visual signal which is designed to warn the forklift operator about the danger. The second one affects the forklift directly (the system automatically slows down the forklift to prevent the accident).


For Pedestrians:

For all people walking around, the system is an excellent safety solution which ensures them that their workplace is safe. Any forklift operator who gets close to the pedestrians is alerted about their presence what gives him time to react (either by slowing down or by driving it in another direction).

For Drivers:

Thanks to the system, the job of forklift operators is a lot easier and a lot more comfortable. All the difficult and demanding maneuvers (reversing, loading) become safer, and operators are ensured that in case of any detected danger the system will alert them, giving them enough time to react.



A very small and handy tool (dimensions just 130x150x127mm), installed at the back of the vehicle. Thanks to that it does not affect the daily use of the vehicle in any way.

The system itself is based on Cysens – a patented ultrasonic sensor, which is capable of detecting obstacles that are up to 4 meters away from the point of signal emission. At the same time, side mounted receivers use echo to detect any obstacles up to 1.5 meters away.

The use of both the side and central sections of the system creates a detection angle of 180° at the back of the forklift.

Moreover, the system is equipped with an advanced MiniMind display which is also the core of the system. It operates as a central unit which processes signals from the receivers. This gives the operator both audio and visual alerts related to the forklift movements.

Because of its small size and ease of mounting, it can be installed in the forklift cabin – and no changes to the interiors are required.